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Club Tabby Founder Natalie Comeaux

Club Tabby Founder
Club Tabby founder, Natalie, with her family.

The founder of Club Tabby worked in the healthcare industry for 10 years before deciding to leave a traditional job and focus on working for herself. With her daughter in mind, Tatum, Club Tabby was started with the vision of creating a retail store that focuses on carrying the newest trend setting items in the market. This coupled with pampering services that put every little girl at the center of attention provide a solid retail experience like no other. After being open for a couple of years, Baby Tabby and Tabby Blue concepts came into being when Natalie’s baby boy, Ty, was born and a vision of the store being diversified called for additional branding.

Club Tabby has proven to be a great joy to the founder, her family, her staff and customers. Club Tabby is a family owned business that prides itself for hiring hardworking, honest women, who center their lives on God, family and friends. As it has grown, her business has met with success due to her Entrepreneurial spirit, overcoming obstacles with hard work and ingenuity. She has focused these lessons into a pattern of success, offering her experience in growing a business to others.




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